We would like to share the history and the status of RIZON platform development.

Sunday Testnet (Jun 2019 ~ Nov 2019)
: Implementation based on Tendermint and Cosmos-SDK (without smart contract function)

Monday Testnet (Dec 2019 ~ Sep 2020)
: Implementation based on Tendermint and Cosmos-SDK combined with an execution engine and smart contract function

Tuesday Testnet (Jul 2020 ~ Aug 2020)
: Implementation based on Monday testnet combined with modified Tendermint core and Friday consensus

As previously publicized, Hdac has partnered with global leading blockchain projects and intended to graft their outstanding outcomes onto RIZON platform to enhance the development efficiency as well as the performance of the platform. There is no doubt that these projects are great; yet, this caused an unintended delay to the timeline of our development of RIZON.

Since Hdac launched Monday testnet combined with an execution engine, which has been developed by one of the projects, the project has released updates for 10 times within just a few months of time. With every update, we also had to update our own part in the development, which delayed the overall timeline each time. Furthermore, the project still has a long list of development plan left until they release a stable version.

The smart contract is one of the key functions which makes RIZON be more optimized platform for the IoT environment, but the function cannot be implemented without an execution engine. Thus, we needed to spend considerable time seeking and evaluating alternative plans and making the decision of whether to postpone the whole timeline keeping up with the project’s pace or to take the alternative.

After enough consideration, we finally decided to launch RIZON platform based on a qualified structure of Tendermint and Cosmos-SDK together with our unique economy system and features. The launch date is targeted to be in the 1st quarter of 2021. Alongside this plan, we will continue the development of Monday and Tuesday and update RIZON platform to the version which includes smart contract function.

Even though it is important to have the platform launched in a complete version which includes all the strong features as it is designed to have, we made the decision considering it is also important to transfer to a dPoS system combined with the unique economy system as early as possible in terms of the vitalization of the RIZON ecosystem. We also considered the fact that we cannot hesitate anymore as we were already late on the shared timeline.

We apologize that we could not share the circumstances with you earlier. Although it was to properly assess the situation, we have spent too much time until we share the plan as there has been many unexpected issues including the resignation of the chief of development team for personal reasons as well as the cases of the unauthorized withdrawal of coins from Hdac Wallet app.

We will also make an announcement regarding the wallet server re-operation plan soon. The mobile wallet service will be on operation before long, while the PC wallet and KASSE will require more time to be ready.

Please note that the details mentioned above are subject to change due to circumstance; we are going to share the changes regularly with the community.

Thank you.

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