As scheduled, Hdac TGE will be terminated on 22 Dec. 23:50 (GMT/UTC+1)


However, Hdac TGE participation is currently difficult due to the Bitcoin transmission delay and the cease of Bitcoin withdrawals from major exchanges. Therefore, the Hdac Team recognizes the participation of Hdac TGE with the only condition described below.

“Bitcoin TxID generated before 31 Dec. 23:50 (GMT/UTC+1) will be valid only if your Bitcoin address has been created at ‘My transaction’->’Create Bitcoin Wallet’ tab before 22 Dec. 23:50 (GMT/UTC+1)

* Depend on the stabilization of the Bitcoin blockchain, the Hdac TGE participation period can be extended.
* Additional schedule will be announced later.





  • ■ If you are willing to participate Hdac TGE, please create a Bitcoin wallet address at by 22 Dec. 23:50 (GMT/UTC+1)
  • ■ After 22 Dec. 23:50 (GMT/UTC+1), both the Bitcoin wallet address creation at and TGE participation will not be possible.