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Hdac’s Value Portal will open this month… a means of strengthening communication, to be used as a window for joint development of a killer app while presenting blueprints for technologies.

[Seoul=Newsis] by reporter Kim
2018-06-08 09:02:05

[Seoul=Newsis] by reporter Choo 2018.06.07

Hdac Technology, owned by Dae-Sun Chung, the CEO of Hyundai BS&C, and Hyundai Pay will be strengthening cooperation of technology support and communication channels in the form of open innovation with external developers and engineers. This is to eliminate unnecessary misunderstandings of the market and to build a vast blockchain ecosystem.

Dae-Sun Chung, during his exclusive interview with Newsis on the fifth, said, “We will open ‘Hdac Value Portal’ this month to activate a smoother and more diverse technology community after opening the Mainnet.”

Hdac, one of the most successful examples in the domestic cryptocurrency market, has received speculation on private mining pool hacks, excessive pre-mining, closed codes, etc. In particular, there have been arising suspicions due to the lack of an official communication channel.

Accordingly, Chung decided to arrange an official communication channel to actively communicate with the participants in the market.

“I acted with great caution to share the current progress and deliver definite information, but there were a lot of rumors that spread about hacking, stealing money, etc. I decided to strengthen our communication because the rumors might lead to negative views on cryptocurrencies that may disturb the entire market and ecosystem,” he said.

The Value Portal is not just a communication portal for investors. It will be used as a place for engineers and developers to cooperate while sharing the entire process of the Hdac Blueprint.

In this regard, the technology community and Dapp, an Hdac-based app, will be launched in steps, on the basis of blockchain-based integrated ID system.

Dapp, which is currently being designed and processed, provides blockchain-based new media, two-way advertisement reward platform combined with digital signage, Hdac-based services related to P2P finance, etc.

“The Value Portal can be seen as a portal for virtual currency and blockchain, and a place to jointly develop killer apps with ecopartners. We hope that the portal will help raise the value of Hdac,” Chung explained.

In particular, Hdac is in the midst of developing a Korean version of Steemit, the blockchain-based social network service. Steemit has been receiving attention from the market by giving monetary compensations to users, which is different from other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

“Steemit is a benchmark model in the global market, but it does have some parts that do not quite fit with the Korean culture. We are expecting to develop a killer app by cooperating with many developers in the Value Portal,” he added.

[Seoul=Newsis] by reporter Choo 2018.06.07

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[Seoul=Newsis] by reporter Kim
2018-06-08 09:02:05

[Seoul=Newsis] by reporter Choo 2018.06.07

【首尔=Newsis】现代 BS&C 总经理郑大宣拥有的Hdac technology正在与Hyundai pay 一起加强与外部开发人员和工程师进行的开放式创新 (open Innovation)形态的技术支持合作和沟通渠道。这是为了消除市场上不必要的误解,并建立广泛的区块链生态系统。

郑大宣总经理5号在与 Newsis进行的单独面谈表示,“开通主网以后,为了激活更加顺利且多样的技术社区,他将在这个月开通Hdac价值门户网站”。

Hdac 在韩国虚拟货币(加密货币)行业,被评为成功案例,而最近以集体挖矿黑客行为、过多的事前挖矿、不公开代码为由,遭人口舌。还有人说,由于没有正式的沟通渠道,所以疑惑不断扩大了。



价值门户网站不只是与投资者进行沟通的窗口。而他计划将此用于使工程师和开发人员一起合作的窗口,并设想与人们共享技术蓝图(Hdac Blueprint)的展开过程。


目前正在处于规划阶段的 Dapp既是基于区块链的新媒体,也是与数字标牌连接的双向广告补偿平台,提供与P2P金融有关且基于Hdac的服务等。




[Seoul=Newsis] by reporter Choo 2018.06.07

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[Seoul=Newsis] by reporter Kim
2018-06-08 09:02:05

[Seoul=Newsis] by reporter Choo 2018.06.07

【ソウル=ニューシス】チョン・デソン現代BS&C社長の保有するエイチダックテクノロジーが現代ペイと共に外部開発者及びエンジニアとのオープンイノベーション(open Innovation)形態の技術支援協業とコミュニケーションチャネルを強化する。市場の無用な誤解を払拭し、広範囲のブロックチェーン生態系を構築するためである。





価値ポータルは投資家との疎通窓口に止まらない。技術の青写真(Hdac Blueprint)の展開過程を共有し、エンジニアと開発者との協業のための窓口として活用する方針である。






[Seoul=Newsis] by reporter Choo 2018.06.07

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