Recruiting Hdac Mainnet Beta Testers

Mar 27, 2018

Hdac Mainnet Beta Tester Recruitment

The Hdac Technology Team is always thankful for your great interest and support in Hdac, and is excited to announce that we are recruiting mainnet beta testers.

We are currently at the phase of ensuring the Hdac blockchain’s technical stability.
Securing enough mining hash power and verifying its stability is the most crucial process in the mainnet.
We are recruiting testers to work together to make sure that the network is safe and strong.


1. Objective: Through the test and technical verification, the team intends to improve the system based on our miners’ feedback and to release more secure Hdac blockchain.

2. Eligibility: Individuals who own one or more GPU miners

3. Testers and application period
- The number of testers to be recruited: 100 testers; first-come, first-serve basis
- Application period: Beginning 9AM (GMT/UTC+1), March 23rd, 2018 until filled
* After qualified testers are selected, the team will contact them individually.

4. Beta testing period
From 9AM (GMT/UTC+1), March 27th, 2018 to 12PM (GMT/UTC+1)
* The team will notify selected individuals regarding upcoming schedule in detail.
* The testing schedule is subject to change.

5. Contact information and application
Contact us via email:
Send your application including your name, phone number, and email address.

6. Benefits
Selected testers will be rewarded with small gifts.
* Satisfaction survey will be conducted when the test ends.
* Mined tokens during the test period may not be available for actual use.

With valuable insights from our participants, we promise to bring you a strong service.

Thank you.

Hdac Technology Team

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