Hdac Survey & Vote Giveaway Event!

Apr 9, 2018

    1. * This is the first public blockchain-based survey, utilizing the Trusted Opinion function of Hdac Platform.

    Eligibility :

    ■ The latest version of Hdac Wallet must be installed for participating (Download link: AndriodWindowsMac )
  • ■ KASSE users also can participate in the survey. (the latest version of KASSE software(v.1.7.0) required)
    ■ Participants must have at least 0.01 Hdac
       -0.01 Hdac is the minimum transaction fee to confirm the transaction in order to submit your response to the survey.

    Application :
    ■ Automatically applied as responding to the survey and vote in Hdac Wallet (Download link: Hdac Trusted Opinion Guide)
    ■ Survey questionnaires will be updated every 2 days during the event period.

    What is Trusted Opinion?
    The Trusted Opinion is a function in Hdac blockchain which acts as a voting & survey system.
  • By utilizing the function, the Hdac blockchain collects and records opinions from every member.
    Thanks to the unique property of blockchain, those records could never be erased or manipulated.
    Thus, this function makes the Hdac blockchain be used in for conducting survey or voting with democratic and transparent purposes.

    [Event]. Take Survey and get your Hdac!
    To participants who complete the survey, we are going to pick some names out of a hat and give away ‘Hdac’!

    ■ Perfect attendance prize : 150 Hdac (5 winners)
    •    The perfect attendance prize winners will be picked among participants who respond all 10 surveys.
    • ■ Fortune teller prize : 100 Hdac (5 winners)
      •    Fortune teller prize winners will be picked in order among those who take part in as many popular responses as they can.
           If it is tied, the winner is decided by lottery.
    • ■ Lucky draw : 150 Hdac (5 winners)
         Lucky draw is for those who participate in at least 1 survey.

    • Date : April 9th, 2018 (Mon) ~ April 28th, 2018 (Sat)
      Lucky draw period : May 9th, 2018 (Wed)
      Prize distribution period : May 2018

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