1.Registration of Hdac distribution procedure/schedule for presale participants

Hdac distribution for presale participants will start on March 27th at 9:00 AM(GMT/UTC+1). If you are a Hdac presale participant, you should sign in the website below and apply for the Hdac distribution. Presale distribution will be proceeded for the next four weeks, so please register on the website within the schedule.


Distribution period: March 27th, 9:00 am – April 20th, 9:00 am (about four weeks)

The website URL – https://exchange.bloko.kr/



2. Current status on Hdac project

Hdac has submitted all required administrative documents in accordance with the Swiss Currency Market Guidelines of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority(FINMA) and adhering to the Swiss government’s recommendations. Hdac will be shown to the public in compliance with all legal and administrative procedures, so please do not be concerned about rumors.