Hdac Registered Its Patent for Security-enhanced Blockchain System for the Virtual Currency

Hdac Technology has completely registered its patent for the ‘Security-enhanced Blockchain System for the Virtual Currency.’

The ‘Security-enhanced Blockchain System for the Virtual Currency’ is a unique system enabling nodes to be prevented from being operated without approval by ensuring that each of those nodes accessing the blockchain system for the virtual currency is certified by a separate removable security device, and thereby, further enabling investors in the virtual currency to minimize any damage resulting from the operator itself or the hacking attack from outside.

Furthermore, as it allows the electronic wallet created by the blockchain node device to be stored alike in the security device, it can also maximize the convenience for the user by enabling the security device owner to connect the security device to the blockchain node device having created the electronic wallet as well as the other blockchain node device or other computer to use his/her electronic wallet.

※Patent Information
Patent No. : 10-1943228
Date of Registration: Jan. 22, 2019
Patentee: Hdac Technology AG Korea Office

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