-Collaboration in establishing supply chains and services based on Hdac’s main net RIZON.

-In addition to bakeries, various other business development services such as smart factories and IoT are planned

HDAC Technology (CEO Won Sung-hwan, hereinafter Hdac), a blockchain technology company founded by former Hyundai BS&C President Chung Dae-sun, announced on the 5th that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with bakery brand Samsong BNC to build a blockchain-based distribution history management platform and payment service.

The two companies plan to cooperate to improve product management and quality by establishing a supply chain based on Hdac’s main net RIZON. Accordingly, it is expected that it will be possible to manage the distribution history of origin using blockchain. In addition, the two companies plan to promote a payment business that can be used to purchase and pay for Samsong BNC’s products through RIZON-based cryptocurrency.

Samsong BNC, which started as Korea’s leading bakery brand, Samsong Bbangjip, is developing various new restaurant brands in addition to the bakery business. Starting with the S-PARK business in 2020, it aims to be a comprehensive food entertainment company that provides pleasure to customers’ lives, including education and entertainment businesses.

The two companies plan to continue to promote their business in the blockchain field based on main net RIZON, and plan to cooperate closely to become a comprehensive food entertainment company through the establishment of Samsong BNC’s smart factory and IoT business developments in the future.

Meanwhile, Hdac unveiled Cosmos’ Tendermint engine-based blockchain “RIZON” on September 28 and has been running the Atolo Swap service since October 4. Cosmos is a blockchain used by major domestic and foreign projects and supports Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC), which connects various blockchains. Hdac developed RIZON based on its interoperability with Cosmos’ ecosystem through Cosmos’ latest SDK and IBC.