-NFT issuance and distribution of IP content of ANIVERSE platforms such as Larva (9 million YouTube subscribers) and cooperation in NFT distribution using marketplace
-NFT content creation utilizing each channel of the ANIVERSE platform IP such as YouTube and Netflix, as well as marketing and public relations collaboration

HDAC announced on the 8th that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with online theme park platform, ANIVERSE for cooperation in NFT issuance and distribution, content development, marketing and public relations.

ANIVERSE is an online content theme park platform with the IP of popular animation Larva in Korea and established an ANIVERSE platform where its IP users can directly issue and distribute animation content through NFT. Also, ANIVERSE applied blockchain technology to improve the IP market structure, which ensures transparent disclosure and profit allocation of various costs such as production, distribution, and sales by IP providers and consumers on the ANIVERSE platform.

The two companies plan to cooperate to issue, distribute, and trade NFT products using Ethereum-based ANIVERSE token and ANIVERSE IP on the Cosmos-based Rizon mainnet. In addition, it is expected to form a content market using ANIVERSE IP by allowing the distribution of the ANIVERSE platform’s IPs through its own marketplace to be launched on Rizon mainnet.

In addition, as an expansion of the NFT business, it is planning a loan service (NFT-fi) with NFT as collateral and will be linked to essential ecosystem services such as DPI and DEX on the Rizon mainnet.

ANIVERSE’s own token is issued as ERC-20 and listed on Bithumb and launched its own NFT marketplace, ANIVESRSE NFT. In last month October, Binance NFT Market, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, also issued Lava NFT, ANIVERSE’ flagship IP, and sold it in about 10 minutes, proving its marketability in the global market by decorating the top creators and trending sections.

On the 26th of last month, it signed a strategic partnership with the Korea Character Business Association (KOCA), the largest character business group in Korea, registered as a member of more than 350 companies, to develop content with NFT business.

Meanwhile, Hdac unveiled Cosmos’ Tendermint engine-based blockchain Rizon on September 28 and has been conducting a swap service since October 4 to change the existing mainnet coin, which is Hdac, to the new mainnet Rizon’s Atolo. Currently, users have directly swapped about 20% of the total volume, and Bithumb, where Hdac is listed, is also planning a swap.