Hdac Technology Introduces Its New DApp Partner ‘WizPace’


– Hdac Technology invests in the company which developed ‘League of Traders’, ‘WizPace’…The company attempts to expand ‘RIZON’ ecosystem through shared growth of both companies
– Over 20K traders active on ‘League of Traders’, a social trading platform that provides real-time trading data gathered from connected exchanges.

22nd March 2021, Seoul – Hdac Technology(“Hdac”), a blockchain technology company founded by Dae-Sun Chung CEO of HN, introduced its new DApp partner ‘WizPace,’ the company that developed a social trading platform called ‘League of Traders.’

WizPace is a promising startup company that provides services such as the social cryptocurrency trading platform ‘League of Traders,’ a digital marketing data integrating and analyzing solution ‘DIANA,’ and the world’s first EOS based decentralized exchange ‘DEXOS.’

‘League of Traders’ provides real-time investment information and services such as exchange account management and automatic trading by connecting to the real-time data of both domestic and international exchanges including Bithumb, Upbit, Binance, and BitMEX. The platform has already gained a positive reputation and has already secured over 20,000 users.

League of Traders allows its users to easily visualize and manage their assets and transaction histories from different exchanges. It also provides diverse information which helps the users to make trading decisions. Users can view real-time trading ranks or operate copy trading, and the community allows them to share information and communicate with other users.

Both companies are preparing ways in which they can transparently and permanently preserve transaction history by connecting the League of Traders platform and Hdac blockchain. Based on such a foundation, the companies are going to seek new services and substitute the point system of League of Traders with the cryptocurrency issued by Hdac to use it in its service subscription and payment services. The two companies plan on continuing the collaboration in the future as well. Their plan is to develop DeFi and cryptocurrency-related financial derivatives together.

“Expanding the base of an ecosystem in a healthy and stable way is the essential factor a public blockchain must have,” said Sunghwan Won, Representative Officer of the Hdac Technology. He said, “we will continue to activate the ecosystem by bringing in promising DApps, excellent verifiers, development teams, and other high-quality partners. Furthermore, we are going to help our partners grow through a variety of business trials.”


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