The KYC process has closed since January 15, 2018. Therefore, all TGE procedures are closed.

We have received all data from Intrum (IDnow), our KYC company, on January 16. We therefore notify that each participant’s private information have been safely stored under full responsibility of Hdac’s person in charge of privacy protection.

Total of 2,057 participants from worldwide have participated and out of them, 1,627 participants were successful in KYC authentication. We thank all participants and deeply express our apologies for any inconveniences caused for KYC procedures.

We will send a separate notification email to those (did not proceed KYC, failed KYC, transferred less than 0.1 BTC, participated outside period etc.) who are relevant for a refund which resulted in approximately 430 participants.

Currently, we are double-checking with participation details for unsuccessful KYC and unqualified participation. We therefore request for your kind understanding as it may take some time to check each participation to prevent any errors.

Please note that we will soon update the date and detailed instructions for refund. We are expecting to proceed from next week and therefore, we strongly recommend to double-check the refund wallet address which was inserted by each participant.

The transaction fee for refunds will all be on Hdac and therefore you will receive the exact BTC amount as participated. (However, the transaction fee for participating is excluded.)