Hdac Technology will participate in ‘IoT Blockchain Summit 2018’ in Atlanta from October 29th to 30th.

COO of Hdac, John Sang-Ug Bae, will give a keynote speech and present a new paradigm that will lead the true convergence and commercialization of IoT and blockchain technology as well as a new technology which is on a patent application process.

More than 85% of the attendees of this business summit consist of C-level executives with business decision making authorities. About 40 enterprises around the world including IBM, Oracle, Siemens, Shell, Verizon, AT&T, DHL, FedEx, Airbus, and IOTA will participate in the event.



Hdac Technology는 10월29-30일(현지시각) 미국 애틀랜타에서 열린’IoT Blockchain Summit’에 참가하였습니다.

Hdac 배상욱COO는 기조 연설자로 연단에 서IoT 산업과 블록체인 기술의 진정한 융합과 상용화를 선도할 새로운 패러다임을 제시하고 현재 특허 출원 중인Hdac 신기술을 공개하였습니다.


Hdac Technologyは,10月29-30日(現地時間),米アトランタで開かれた”IoT Blockchain Summit”に参加しました。


Hdac Technology于10月29~30日参加了在美国亚特兰大所举行的’ IoT Blockchain Summit’.

COO John Bae在演说中也发表了IoT产业和区块链技术能够真正结合并进一步商用化的创新概念, 同时公开了目前正在美国进行专利审查中的Hdac 新技术.