We have begun the KYC authentication process. However, there are technical issues which have delayed many investors. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused.
We are proceeding KYC through a German company named Intrum (www.intrum.ch) which was recommended by our Swiss law firm, PST Legal & Consulting.
Hdac team and Intrum are cooperating to solve the current issues and we will notify through email as soon as the problem is solved.
Regarding the missing countries, we are discussing with Intrum to come up with a conclusion.
We will notify on this as well once it is decided.

Thank you and we kindly request for your patience and deep understanding.

Below are some notices on the KYC policy:

  1. We have extended the KYC period so that all participants can successfully complete with KYC authentication.
  2. We have expanded the operating time for KYC, Monday ~ Saturday (07:00 ~ 22:00 GMT/UTC +1)
  3. KYC authentication handles 200 participants per day (Average: 10 people per hour).

※ For further problems with KYC procedures, please contact us on support@hdac.io with your Name(English)/Email/Ident ID/the problem and we will support as much as we can.

※ If you have completed the video verification and still received “aborted” as a result, please wait for our further notice once we have solved the problem and then check your status again.