KYC will be closed on January 15, 2018 at 22:00 (GMT/UTC+1) as announced before.
Please proceed before the deadline since KYC will not be operational afterwards.

Australia, Taiwan, and India will be added on the KYC list from January 9, 2018.
The Hdac team tried everything to list other countries as well, but it was impossible to meet the deadline.
We deeply express our apologies to many participants who were unable to participate in the Hdac TGE due to KYC.
Therefore, we would proceed with full refund for those who could not participate due to their countries not being listed.

Hdac is planning to proceed with refund by January for those who could not complete KYC, could not proceed due to countries not listed, and transferred less than 0.1 BTC (the minimum amount).

Hdac will cover all transaction fees for refunds as trust and protecting rights of participants comes first.

We will make an official announcement on the refund procedure separately.

[Announcement on the long waiting time for KYC]

Currently, there is a long waiting time of 45~60 minutes when proceeding with step 4 (identification) of the KYC.

There seems to be a delay and congestion due to numerous attempts by many participants.

Hdac team is continuously communicating with IDnow (KYC company) and requesting development of the procedure.

Therefore, depending on the situation, it may take an hour due to long delays. Hanging up while waiting would result in “aborted” and you will need to proceed KYC certification again.

Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused, and please complete the KYC certification within the deadline.

Thank you.

Hdac Technology AG

※ All TGE participants must complete the KYC certification to complete the TGE participation.
※ If the KYC status is displayed ‘aborted’ in ‘My info’, please try KYC process again.
(If KYC certification is successfully completed, KYC status should be displayed ‘Success’.)