■ Updates of Hdac Wallet application for mobile (Android & iOS) will be released
Hdac Wallet application for Android smartphone(Samsung, LG, Huawei, and etc.) v1.0.6 will be released. The application is expected to be registered on Google Play store on 15th October.
v1.0.1 of Hdac Wallet application for iOS(iPhone) is also expected to be uploaded on App Store before or after 15th October.

■ Regarding unauthorized coin withdrawal issue
As previously announced, a version of Hdac Wallet application for Android which was not released by Hdac Technology has been released on Google Play store from 10th August to 18th August. It has been also confirmed that Hdac Wallet application for Windows which was not released by Hdac Technology has been released during the time of 31st August to 1st September.

It is presumed that the unauthorized wallet applications have taken users’ wallet information; therefore, users of the unconfirmed wallet application for Android and Windows must create a new wallet address, have new Backup Phrase issued, and transfer the assets. We have provided guidance for different user circumstances, please check it as the attached file. We will provide another detailed guide for wallet restoration and etc. before the mobile wallet server resume to operation.

The case is currently undergoing an investigation on the exact cause and details and scale of the damage. We have been cooperating with the investigative authorities as well as putting our best effort to prevent further damage and develop countermeasures.

Thank you.


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