The following is the result from the status examination and research of Hdac Technology, which was done in the second half of 2020, and the launch plan of the new mainnet and testnet, which will be launched in the first half of 2021.

We have examined the token ecosystem, business model, technological scalability of the original blockchain project from a multilateral perspective. Based on the examination results, we are currently making advancements to the design of the new business model and the development roadmap. Also, we are restructuring the business network and pipeline of the affiliates and making plans regarding the expansion of the development ecosystem, which is the core element of an opensource blockchain project.

Regarding the launch of the new DPoS blockchain, which is named RIZON, we are currently setting milestones for each developmental stage and working with our key partners to prepare for the launch. The goal is to launch by the end of June, as announced previously. The plan with more details is attached at the end of this document.

The new blockchain RIZON is being developed based on Tendermint Core and Cosmos SDK for interoperability and scalability. With the development competency accumulated by having developed and operated the original version of RIZON, an upgrade is ongoing to the latest version of the software that is interoperable with the Cosmos ecosystem. Intending to create a large number of transactions, advancements are being made on the blockchain business model and token economy, which are interoperable. Details will be released before the launch of the mainnet.

The original HDAC coin will be swapped(exchanged) to the new token, ATOLO, for a 1:1 ratio after the mainnet is stabilized. To provide a convenient and safe token swap experience for the users, we are examining the technical designs as well as the ways to make the development community join in. Details on this will be announced before or after the launch of the mainnet.

The examination result made on the strategies on exchange listing and promotion and marketing is as follows.
Currently, it is revolved around Korean exchanges and the KRW ecosystem. The goal now is to enter global exchanges on which diverse stable token markets such as USDT and USDC are active. We are going to pursue listings on global exchanges after advancements have been made on the business model, and through this, we plan on getting involved in the global liquid market.

As for promotion and marketing, the focus will be shifted from the coin-holder-oriented activities to the activities to expand the RIZON blockchain ecosystem. To make the RIZON blockchain ecosystem successful, multiple validators with significant influence have to participate in it and the development of block explorer, wallet, and multiple business modules have to be conducted by the community voluntarily. Also, the team is being rebuilt to foster a global community with a virtuous cycle that evokes more voluntary participation as the ecosystem expands.

All the departments of Hdac Technology, including strategy, development, and promotion and marketing, are focusing on the launch of RIZON and the continuous expansion of its ecosystem. We will do our best to make such efforts translate into a great result.

Thank you.


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