Recently, Hdac Technology has received reports about unauthorized withdrawal cases of HDAC coins from Hdac Wallet application. After an investigation, Hdac Technology has found out that the Hdac Wallet application v1.0.4, which was not released by Hdac Technology AG, was published on Google Play store. As a countermeasure, Hdac Technology registered and released Hdac Wallet application v1.0.5 that fixed the issues originated from the Hdac Wallet application version 1.0.4.

In order to prevent further damage and the potential threats on the unauthorized withdrawal cases, Hdac Technology hereby conduct the survey. Please fill out these forms completely and accurately if you are an Android smartphone user.


Before you check out and make sure the current version of your Hdac Wallet Application, please DO NOT OPEN or CLICK the wallet application under any circumstances.


The current issue happened on the Android OS only. If you are not using a smartphone on Android OS, you do not need to participate in this survey.

►Apply for the survey on the usage status of Hdac Wallet application v1.0.4 :

►How to check the version of the Hdac Wallet application: refer to the guide on the following image


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