Hdac Technology Appoints Yongwan Ju as the Representative Officer of the Korean Branch

– Hdac plans to take a leap into a global blockchain leader with Yongwan Ju, an IT expert, as the Representative Officer of the Korean Branch

July 2, 2019, Seoul – Hdac Technology (“Hdac”), a blockchain technology company established by Dae-Sun Chung, the CEO of Hyundai BS&C, stated on July 2 that it appointed Yongwan Ju, the blockchain business director, as the Representative Officer of the Korean branch.

Michael Yoon, who served as the Representative Officer of Hdac’s Korean branch until June 2019 has contributed himself to the company in many aspects such as stabilizing Hdac MainNet, listing on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges including Bithumb, laying the groundwork such as activating smart home service, and building a cooperative network for expanding blockchain-based businesses with many domestic and international companies including Halla Holdings, GC Healthcare, TODAQ, and etc.  Based on these, Hdac stated that it is planning to take a leap into a global blockchain leader company while carrying forward with technological developments through its newly appointed Representative Officer and IT expert, Yongwan Ju.

Yongwan Ju, who joined Hdac in April 2019, worked at KISA(Korea Internet and Security Agency) for about 20 years from 2000 to 2019 and served as the Head of Information Security Industry group, Head of Internet infrastructure group, Director of Korea Internet Security center, Director of Internet industry innovation division, and Head of IoT innovation center.

In particular, Yongwan Ju managed the blockchain sector of KISA by leading its public blockchain pilot projects in 2018.  He formed the basis for the promotive policy of domestic blockchain industry by supporting the “strategies for development of blockchain technology” of the MSIT(Ministry of Science and ICT) of Korea and leading its core tasks such as “Six Public Pilot Projects” in 2018.

Moreover, he has made great contributions to the development of ICT industry in Korea through many different activities and holding offices including but not limited to the Vice President of Korea Institute of Information Security & Cryptology, board member of Korea Mobile Internet Business Association, board member of Korea Society of Blockchain, advisory committee member of Korea Fintech Industry Association, and the advisory committee member Korea Internet Professional Association.

Yongwan Ju, the Representative Officer of Hdac’s Korean branch said, “I am so thankful for all of the efforts of Michael Yoon, the former Representative Officer, and I, as the newly appointed Officer, will do my best to make Hdac with its unlimited possibilities and potentials into a global leader of blockchain platform, and further, to make Korea as the global leader of blockchain industry.”

Hdac is a hybrid blockchain technology company that supports both private and public blockchains, and has been engaging in blockchain-based global business since its establishment of its headquarters in the crypto valley in Zug, Switzerland in October 2018 by Dae-Sun Chung, the CEO of Hyundai BS&C.

Recently, Hdac has been reinforcing its network for expanding its global business by entering into business agreements with a number of blockchain companies including Orbs, an Israeli blockchain project; TODAQ, a Canadian Fintech company; and Eleven01, the first blockchain project of India, etc.