Recently, Hdac Technology has received multiple reports via official Telegram community channel and Email about unauthorized withdrawal cases of HDAC coins from Hdac Wallet application for Android OS.

After an internal investigation, we found that an update of Hdac Wallet application that was not originated from Hdac Technology AG was published on Google Play store as of August 10th.

For an immediate response, Hdac Technology has conducted the following measures:
■ The team has shut down the wallet server as an initial measure, blocked the information leak destination, and reported to the law enforcement.
■ The team collected information of 7 wallet addresses that received the coins withdrawn from Hdac Wallets without authorization. And the team asked for cooperation to all exchanges where HDAC has been listed – all 7 wallets are found to belong to certain exchanges and they have been frozen. The same measures will be taken for the wallets found to be subject to the same problem.
■ The team has updated and released a new version of 1.0.5 that resolved this issue. Please do not open or run the current version of Hdac Wallet application on your smartphone if you are an Android smartphone user. Please go to the Google Play store and update the Hdac Wallet Application to the latest version of 1.0.5 beforehand.

For further unreported cases, the team will receive reports all at once after normalizing the Hdac Wallet server.

More details including the schedule of server normalization and operation will be delivered with further notices. Please keep paying attention to the notices. Sorry for the inconveniences.

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